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Your whole life has led up to this. Whether it’s the finish line in high school, or the starting line with the love of your life, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

You’re not looking for a photographer. You’re looking for a storyteller.

As a husband and now a father, I’ve never been more excited to help preserve your milestones. Even a professional head shot is a part of your story. I’m just here to help you tell it.

Photography is technology, lighting, pixels, and even a little math.

Storytelling is capturing someone’s personality in an image. It’s the way four years of hard work can shine through someone’s eyes. It’s the way he stands a little taller when he sees her at the end of the isle. It’s the moment you want to enjoy for the rest of your life, and maybe even pass along.

If you are looking for someone to “just take a few pictures”, then I’m not your guy. However, if you want someone that will focus on you, capture your story, and has the technical expertise to turn it into a work of art, then let’s get coffee. Maybe I can be part of your story.


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